How it works and what it's for

Many websites depend on income from advertising. Ads pay for the work of writers, developers, webmasters, and other professionals that service and content quality depend on.

However, certain kinds of ads get in the way and disrupt your web browsing by, for example, covering large chunks of text, or sending you to suspicious sites without your consent. As a result, users install ad-blocker apps, which indiscriminately disable all or almost all ads. This hurts honest advertisers and site owners, and thus, in the end, the users themselves.

Our research shows that people are not opposed to ads as such. Rather, they're irritated by annoying and intrusive ad formats. Because of this, we will be adding a new feature to the Yandex Browser alpha at the end of the summer. It will not only hide the ad banners on a site, but also help our artificial intelligence recognize unacceptable ads. When you point out annoying or intrusive ads, Browser won't just hide them — it will analyze them to make sure that similar ads get blocked in the future.